Encore Melaka


Encore Melaka

Situated 3.5km away from Melaka’s World UNESCO heritage site, Encore Melaka has emerged as the trendiest tourist focus in Melaka since its opening. It is one of the most representative buildings in Melaka. The innovative style and ultra-modern appearance has become a hot spot for everyone. Besides, made out of thousands of fish-scale-like LED Panels in concaved shapes are amazingly beautiful reflecting the night lights of the building.

Designed by China's architect Wang Ge from Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD), the building was formally opened on 7th July 2018. The BIAD is involved with many projects in China, for instance; Harbin Opera House, Jinan Grand Theater, Huang Du Art Centre and many more. The building is a brilliant art piece and a symbiosis with nature where the exterior building made up of 50, 723 white diamond-shaped aluminium composite panels reflecting the ever-changing sky of Melaka every day.

Offering culture and artistic expression to the masses

Total 400 million capital for the largest theatre in Southeast Asia - Encore Melaka Upholding our heritage and culture, Encore Melaka, impression series is excited to present an immersive performance with a series touching life stories of the locals. It is not any cultural performance for tourist, it is a performance that reflect a society that embraces diversity and inclusiveness. This uniqueness is artistically expressed through the blend of traditional and contemporary dance form, not one culture is overshadowed by the other.

In an approximately 75 mins show, audience would go through the history literally crossing through time and space. The performance will be presented in a new genre and innovative art production- our 360 –degree rotating audience platform and a 240-meter-long stage. Through the vivid combination of audio and lighting will not be seated passively but would be made as one of the performers.

Throughout the performance, there will be a 3-D projection mapping with intricate the props creating a virtual reality that allows audience to travel through time. What you bring back is not merely the story of historical place but an intellectual reflection of the true essence of Melaka.


Southeast Asia’s largest live performing air theatre


South East Asia’s first 360 degree rotating audience platform


Southeast Asia’s Largest stage


The building is a functioning art piece and a symbiosis with nature — every evening, the white aluminium exterior surface reflects the ever-changing and colorful sky of Melaka.

Property Facts:

  • Land Area : 15 acres
  • Property Type : 360° Rotating Amphitheatre
  • Amphitheatre Total GDV : RM730 million
  • Capacity : 2,007 pax, auditorium seating
  • Location : Impression City @ Kota Syahbandar, Melaka, Malaysia

The Theatre

The one-of-a-kind auditorium is designed by China’s state-owned Beijing Institute of Architectural Design’s Chief Architect, Wang Ge and constructed by the experts of Hangzhou’s Joinus, the team renowned for engineering spectacular stage platforms through the harmonious integration of technology and art.

The geometric facade has concaved arcs and is wrapped in porcelain-like scales. The 400,000 pieces of aluminium composite panels – combined with hundreds of thousands fish scale-like LED panels reflects light from the ever-changing sky of Melaka. The magnificent theatre embodies the cloud and the sea, movement and serenity - where East meet West. The unconventional concept represents a journey through time and space complementing the storyline of Encore Melaka.

The Performer

Encore Melaka prioritises casting of local talents for the show, employing 200 talents and 500 crew members per show. With a production cost of RM 837 million, the show stages two to four live performances per day, all year round.

Showcasing the legends of Melaka’s local history and highlighting the local melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and sub-groups, this is a living tribute to Melaka. Its cultural narrative depicts the city’s journey through the centuries and with its pure artistry, captures the attention of a worldwide audience.

It is a must-see attraction for millions of tourists, spurring the growth of Malaysia-China as well as generating job opportunities in Melaka.



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