Beach Reviews: Acapulco, Mexico for Sun and Fun

Jun 19, 2013
Beach Reviews: Acapulco, Mexico for Sun and Fun

With nearly two dozen beaches in and around Acapulco, it can be difficult to decide which beach location to review. These beach reviews are organized according to activities that might be of interest to a variety of visitors. Many others might also suit specific needs.

Family Friendly

Calm waters, fewer crowds, and idyllic swimming can be found at Playa Puerto Marques and Playa Majahua. These small beaches are preferred by locals, and have a few shops and restaurants close by. Playa Hornitos and Playa Hornos are popular and usually crowded with tourists and locals. There are plenty of shops and places to eat within yards of the beach, and vendors hawk their snacks and souvenirs among the many visitors.

Quiet Seclusion

Located just outside the city in “the new Acapulco” area near the airport and luxury resorts, is Playa Revolcadero and Playa Diamante. Most beach reviews mention severe currents and undertow that makes swimming here very dangerous, but these beaches provide the perfect place to relax in the sun away from the noise, crowds, and vendors closer to the city center.

Fun in the Sun

If something more exciting than basking in the sun is desired, Playa Bonfil and Playa Barra Vieja might be the answer. These two beaches have strong tides and high surf making them dangerous for swimming, but perfect for other activities. Small ATVs are available for rent, horseback riding along the shore is popular, and brave surfers attempting to ride out the heavy breakers provide excitement.

It wouldn’t be right to not mention the Playa Condesa known as Acapulco’s “Golden Zone”, the beach at the center of Acapulco Bay in the hotel zone, a place where you go to party, parasail, drink, rent jet skis, lay in the sun and have fun! Staying at one of the better hotels in this area, it was a no brainer to walk out the hotel doors to enjoy this beautiful beach. My first time parasailing ever was in Acapulco and as insane as it was taking off from the sand and flying out over the bay, nothing could have prepared me for the landing which brought me in over the (La Redonda) huge clump of rocks and so close to the hotels it took my breath away before setting my feet gently back on the sandy beach again. The views are great, everything is close by and if you are staying at one of the premium hotels on the beach and don’t mind the crowds and general party atmosphere it is the perfect beach.

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